Tuesday, January 5, 2016

25 ways to enter Jannah

1. Even if we do big sins (eg zina) we could always repent, but do NOT ever do syirik.
2. Believe in Allah & His Messenger, solat & fasting in Ramadan 
3. Happy and truly believe in our Shahadah
4. Ask Allah for Jannah 3 times
5. Whoever says Subhanallah wabihamdih, a tree is planted in Jannah (it's like we're booking our land in Jannah)
6. Recite 99 names of Allah
7. Become righteous & truthful
8. Enters masjid with the purpose of seeking pleasure of Allah
9. Whoever who repeats after the muadzin
10. Whoever who calls Azan for 12 years
11. Prays the 'cool' prayer - Subuh & Asar
12. Goes to masjid for Subuh & Asar
13. Perform wudhu perfectly & do 2 rakaat with khusyuk
14. Do the extra 12 rakaat (sunat b4/after solat wajib) on top of the 17 compulsory rakaat
15. Whoever in search of the path of knowledge
16. Simple good deed, even if we throw away a tree branch from the road because we don't want others to be harm by it
17. The one who protect his tongue and his private parts
18. Whoever who throws away arrogance and don't steal in war & from the dead
19. Whoever who has 2 girls and raised them in Islam way
20. Visiting someone who is ailing or weak
21. Spread kalimah Allah
22. Spread salam, do night prayers and feed people food
23. Performs umrah & hajj
24. Whoever that says Lailahaillallah before death
25. Istighfar

Prophetic Mission: Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury (Twins of Faith 2015)
- Notes written by a friend, Intan Syazwani, who attended the lecture

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