Saturday, April 23, 2016

25 Little Things Living Abroad Has Teached Me

1. Be firm and confident, know what you what. We Malaysians (i'm not being judgemental, but this are just my perspectives) are too lenient, too kind, too unopinianated.

2. Treat your underlings like a "friend", but stay respected. Be their psychiatrist, know their problems.

3. Treat your boss like a client, know what they want and how they want it.

4. Do not stick among your community, venture out from your comfort zone.

5. Make friends with the locals. Embrace their culture, but you MUST stay firm to your religion and your beliefs.

6. Try out local foods, avoid restrictions in trying new taste pallets.

7. Be kind to all, but be firm to all as well.

8. Homesickness is normal, event after years being abroad. Cook up some home made cuisine, it's the best remedy.

9. Have fun, enjoy the present. Do not rush things. 

10. Call home not because you're homesick, call home because you need to be there for your parents/siblings/family members.

11. Expect to be treated as a foreigner, even if you've been speaking their language as perfect as you can.

12. Have an open mind, embrace your unique origine. 

13. Treat others like you want to be treated.

14. Being intimidated is normal, you are always in a new environment. 

15. Fight back when feeling intimated, do what you do best and stay yourself in whatever you do.

16. Smile when you're content, cry when you're sad. Let your emotions flow and do not compress it in yourself. When being alone in a country not your own, confide your personal problems with close friends.

17. One day you shall look at those memories of being abroad as those moments that defined your current personalities.

18. Play hard, work harder. When being a student, it's normal to party hard. But do not neglect your responsibilities for exams/work. Set your priorities right.

19. Do not let yourself to be lonely. Do what your passionate about! Take salsa/photography/violon classes, eat out at restaurants, watch a movie, read a book, etc.

20. Help others even if you yourself are lacking time/energy/money.

21. Nothing replaces the love of your family. NOTHING. Not even your boyfriend/girlfriend.

22. Do not take life too seriously. Laugh a little.

23. Do not compare your life to other's. Everyone doesn't have the same path of life. And things shall take place when the time comes, be patient.

24. Always remember to improve yourself when tomorrow comes.

25. At the end of your final year abroad, you shall have a confusion of attachment of heart. And it's normal. Follow what you think is best for you :)

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