Wednesday, June 8, 2016

eRezeki by MDEC under #YouCanDuit campaign


About eRezeki

The eRezeki programme is based on crowdsourcing concept, with specific focus on crowd service-based models. The programme aims to benefit especially the low-income household by enabling and connecting them to digital income opportunities. Through eRezeki, participants will be trained, qualified and matched againsts suitable tasks or work. By participating in the programme, you will eventually be able to perform work and earn additional income. Work are being sourced from international market as well as from local market and corporations. Pusat eRezeki have also been established at strategic locations across the country to enable citizens who does not have access to good ICT infrastructure and high-speed broadband internet connection, to participate in the program. Pusat eRezeki will also provides training sessions and assistance to ensure you can effectively participate in the programme.

Who is Eligible?

Malaysians citizens with a household income of below RM4,000 per month, including students, housewives, retirees and senior citizens. Registration is free and we highly recommend you to register via Pusat eRezeki.

Type of Work

The following categories of tasks are currently available via the eRezeki Programme.

1. Digital Micro Task

Simple task involving data entry, review and processing of images or actions that requires no-specific skills or high level of skills to perform the tasks. However, worker might need to be trained and qualified prior to performing certain tasks.

Example of Digital Micro Task are basic data entry tasks, removing duplicated data (data cleansing), photo / image moderation, Download-Install task, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) related tasks, and Social Media related tasks (e.g. post comment and screen capture).

2. Digital Work 

Work or tasks in specific domain area such as application and software development, creative and graphic design, language-based work and many more. Requires specific skills to perform the work.

Example of Digital Work are developing website, mobile application development, create logo or graphic design for a product or a company, software testing, audio/video transcription work, and document format conversion.

3. Non-Digital Work

Work or tasks such as survey, running errands and domestic services which were distributed online but has to be performed offline.

Example of non-digital work are conducting survey, price watch, doing part-time work such as part-time crew, running errands and offering services such as plumber, electrician and cleaner. This type of work normally are provided by companies or individuals in the locality. Our local partners that facilitate this category of work normally will requires additional sign-up requirements and will also provide relevant training to you.

4. Digital Work (Passive)

Work or tasks performed of which income is realized upon successful purchase of work outputs (e.g. photo / graphic), or commission earned from successful referral (e.g. dropshipping)

Example of this work or tasks under this category would be submission of your existing work, example if you like to take photos or create vector graphics, you could potentially upload some of your work and offer them to buyers. If any of your work got purchased, you will then get the rewards. Another example is becoming a dropshipper and to help promote products through your existing network.

If you're interested, please register HERE

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